Buying a Safe? Here are Things you Must Know

A safe is a source of protection for your most treasured possessions. Buying a safe is a task that calls for rigorous effort to know what will adequately protect against various risks like theft or fire. Whether it's a second-hand safe or a new safe, the goal is always the same—security. As you assess various options, here are some things to keep in mind. 

Fire Protection

A safe should ideally protect its contents against fire. But, how do you know what safe to purchase to shield your valuables in case a fire breaks out? A house fire burns typically at between 800 to 1,200 degrees. Paper, on the other hand, burns at 451 degrees. Therefore, if you want a safe that will shield valuables like money or paper items, look for a burglar- and fire-resistant safe with a minimum 1-hour fire rating.  

However, fire-resistant safes aren't recommended when you're looking to protect valued items or large cash amounts from theft. To protect against both burglary and fires, you need to look for a quality safe, high-security TL rated fire safe or a composite-fire safe. 

For second-hand safes, find out whether it previously experienced a fire or high temperatures. If so, you will need further professional assessment to determine the level of fire protection it can provide.


Many times, people looking to buy a safe wonder precisely what size is best for them. While different buyers have different needs for a safe, the rule of thumb is to buy one that is bigger than what you think you need. As time goes on, you will want to store more and more items in it than you originally planned for. Buying one that is slightly bigger than your current needs dictate will offer that extra room in the future for further storage.

Moisture Protection

A safe is a sealed space, and, naturally, moisture will build up from time to time. If you are storing paper items or money, this is something you need to avoid to prevent damage to such contents. Buy a dehumidifier as you purchase your safe to help you get rid of excess moisture that might harm some of the times you store. 


A safe is an essential asset for a lifetime of protection for your valuables. New or second-hand safes all meet the same purpose, and utmost care is necessary when looking to buy one to get the exact specifications that you require for your needs. Contact a company like Askwith Company to learn more.

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A safe is a source of protection for your most treasured possessions. Buying a safe is a task that calls for rigorous effort to know what will adequat

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