Locks That Will Make Your Home More Secure

While assessing the security of your home, locks should come in as your first focus. Weak locks or locks that don't hold make your home an easy target for intruders. A high number of break-ins involve forced entries through windows and doors with poor locks. An investment on a good lock helps keep you and your possession in a more secure environment. A locksmith will help you make your home more secure by replacing your locks with more strong and protective locks. This article will discuss a few locks that you should have a locksmith install in your home.  

A swing lock

A swing lock is an additional lock to your door that uses either a bar or chain. The security chains allow you to see the person on your door without opening the door completely. Such a lock gives you the advantage of surprising an intruder since they might be expecting you to open your door completely. A bar door can offer a significantly higher amount of strength than a chain. Consulting with a locksmith will help you decide which type of a swing lock works best for your door. 

Deadbolt lock

Your doors are only as strong as the locks are. A strong door with a weak lock serves a minimal purpose to the safety of your home. A deadbolt lock extends deep enough into the door frame for maximum support and increased the strength of your door. A deadbolt lock is built from materials that allow it a long strong life. Having a locksmith install such a lock on your door or window makes it harder for an intruder to defeat it.

Smart locks

A smart lock allows you access to your home without using a traditional key. You can have a locksmith customize your lock to include features that will make your locks more secure. The ability to program your smart locks with a code of your choice increases the security of your home. It is close to impossible to steal a code as compared to stealing the keys to your home.

Portable locks

It is an additional lock to the locks you may have on your door. The lock is only accessible from the inside, hence making your home inaccessible from the outside. This lock also prevents an intruder from opening the door by wedging an item between the door frame and the door bolt. A locksmith will train you on how to use this lock as well as help you select the right portable lock for your door.

Locks are a key factor in determining how secure your home is. You might also consider hiring a locksmith to check on your locks from time to time.

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While assessing the security of your home, locks should come in as your first focus. Weak locks or locks that don't hold make your home an easy target