Quick Tips for Making Your Move Easier and Safer Overall

Moving is rarely an easy prospect, and very often people get overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" they have once they need to start packing. Even if you have friends help you move, you still need to get yourself organized and note what materials will be needed by way of boxes, packing foam, and so on. To make your move as easy as possible and ensure the safe arrival of your items in your new home, note a few quick tips to get you started.

1. Invest in moving equipment

Trying to manually move your furniture, appliances, and even heavy boxes can make your move more difficult and is a surefire way to damage something in the process. Furniture dollies make quick work of getting larger items into and out of a truck, and hand carts allow you to stack boxes and other items and move them easily as well. Most storage facilities, like Store-It-Safe, or truck rental companies will have moving equipment made for various jobs, so be prepared to invest in their rental when you're ready to move.

2. Buy actual moving boxes

Trying to get free boxes from a supermarket can be a mistake, as these boxes may be damaged from water or dirty on the inside. Boxes you get from the home improvement store may be lightweight and not a good choice for dishes and heavy items. Actual moving boxes are usually made of several layers of cardboard or of a stronger, thicker cardboard than standard boxes and will often have sections inside which are meant for protecting glasses, dishes, and other such items, making them a better option for moving.

3. Avoid using items from home as packing supplies

A trick people use for protecting items when they move is wrapping them in towels, sweaters, or sweatpants, and this can certainly work in many cases. However, you want to avoid using items from home as packing supplies when they won't provide the actual security you need or when they may cause damage. For example, if you try to tie items together with drapery panels, those panels may be made of a slick silk material that easily comes undone while you're on the road. If you stack items in a dresser drawer so you don't need to put them in boxes, you might add too much weight to the drawer and the bottom panel might break. Invest in real moving supplies rather than trying to "wrangle" items you have around the house, so everything is protected and arrives in good condition at your new home.

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