Lock Systems That Will Enhance Your Garage Doors' Security

Although homeowners frequently use garage doors, most people do not pay much attention to the locking system as long as it is in good working condition. The reality is that you may have a functional locking system, but this does not mean it is secure. A significant number of burglaries occur because the perpetrators can gain easy access to your residence through the garage doors. This is because people will typically concentrate on making their front and back doors secure, but forget all about the garage. Here are some of the lock options that you should consider for your garage doors. 

Electronic garage door locks

These are one of the most technologically advanced locking systems that you could choose for your garage doors. With electronically operated locking systems, you would use your fingerprints to gain entry into your garage. This eliminates the need for keys and thus reduces the potential risk of your locks being broken into. With electronic garage door locks, you have the chance of storing multiple fingerprints in the system. This works toward ensuring none of the inhabitants of your home can be inconvenienced, as their bio data will be stored in the system. It should be noted though that these types of systems are one of the most expensive options you could get from your locksmith. However, this can be overlooked as they also offer the highest form of security.  

Digital garage door locks

Digital garage door locks also function as a keyless locking system. They come with a control panel that will require a digital code whenever someone wants to gain access to the garage. An advantage of this type of locking system is that they eliminate the risk of having your garage door locks jimmied in an attempt to breach your premises. As such, they offer a high degree of security when compared to mechanical locking systems.

Deadbolt garage door locks

Deadbolt garage locks come in two distinct styles. These are the single cylinder deadbolts and the double cylinder deadbolts. With a single cylinder deadbolt, you will have to access the garage using a key while on the outside, but can open the deadbolt by use of a knob when inside the garage. On the other hand, the double cylinder option would require individuals to access the garage using a key whether inside or outside the doors. Since deadbolts are difficult to jimmy open, they offer a significant degree of protection from intruders hence making them an affordable option for homeowners on a budget. 

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