Going Smart with Your Door Locks? Here Is What You Should Know

Home security is important and while deadbolt locks for doors have long been used for enhancing security, the burgeoning market for smart homes has surged keyless entry systems to the forefront. Therefore, if you decide to go the home automation route with these types of locks, it is essential to understand some of the following things about them.

What Are The Options?

Every smart lock will come with a balance of operations and technological features. Therefore, when looking for smart locks for your home, you might want to consider some of the following options:

  1. You can decide to retain your traditional keys and just have the smart lock system as an additional layer of security.
  2. You can also replace the whole assembly of your door locking system with illuminated keypads that will require access codes.
  3. Another option with hybrid technology is a smart lock system that drops the codes and keys for recognition software and sensors. This is ideal for disabled or elderly users who may struggle with the keys.

What Are Some of The Benefits?

Automated or keyless lock systems come with various advantages that can help enhance your home security. First, a smart lock system is pickproof because these locks eliminate the place for a key. With ordinary or traditional house locks, it is easy for virtually any burglar to bump or pick the lock.

Do you store a spare key somewhere around your home? Sometimes, this can make your home vulnerable to burglary, especially if you store it in easily predictable places such as under the doormat or in a flower vase somewhere. A smart lock will eliminate the need for the extra key, which will help make your home safer.

With smart locks, you have better control of who gets access to your house. Some locks will allow you to create virtual access codes or keys that you can easily take away. With such features, you can let in the plumber with a temporary code and nix their access once they're done fixing your leaking pipes and the like. Some smart lock apps can also allow you to discontinue the virtual codes after a predetermined time, and this is important just in case you have guests in for some time and you forget to cancel the access when they leave. Moreover, with such virtual keys, it is easy to track who came in and went out of your house, which would be vital information to the authorities in case of theft.

If you have more questions, talk to a local locksmith about your home security options.

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