Benefits of Rekeying Your Own Door Locks Instead of Replacing Them

There are several reasons you may want to replace the locks on your doors. For most people it comes down to either having lost your keys or having someone move out that had a set of keys and may be able to still access the home or building. Before you run to the store and grab a new lock, bolt and knob set consider the benefits of rekeying your own locks instead.

Customized Lock Instead of Generic

One of the main advantages to rekeying your own door locks is the ability to customize the lock instead of getting a generic manufactured set. During the process you will rearranging the pins of the lock to fit a key that you have had made. This key can be totally customized by you or can be completely random if you would prefer.

 Once the key is cut, all you have to do is set the pins to match it. The idea of customizing your lock comes down to a benefit of security as well. Most people feel safer with something they have customized rather than a manufactured option.

Using What You Have

Another benefit of rekeying your own door locks is that you are using what you already have. You don't have to go out and buy new locks or new lock sets. You can simply take off the current sets, follow the process to rekey them, and put them back in place. This will save you money and also allow you to secure the home without changing the look of the home. For many people this can be a huge benefit, because it can be difficult to find new locking sets that match your current home theme or the appearance you want the front or back doors of your home to have.

You Don't Need Special Knowledge

One of the misconceptions is that you would need to have some sort of locksmith training to perform the rekeying. The truth is, the process consists of using just two basic tools and requires only a small amount of knowledge that you can obtain through tutorial videos. You can of course use a locksmith for the rekeying, but the ability to do it on your own may make a huge difference to you.

These are only three of the benefits to rekeying your own door locks. If after you have done the research you feel like you want to move forward, you can take a few hours and handle the process. If at any time you feel like you need a professional, call your local locksmith or lockout service for assistance.

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