Selecting Hardware for Your Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are versatile elements, especially where there isn't enough room for a door to swing. These doors slide into a space which is installed in the wall. Nonetheless, selecting the hardware for the door can be challenging and that is why you need to consider the following: 


The track system is what your door will slide on and you need to select the appropriate system. You can choose a ceiling track, a floor track, or both. For a ceiling track, the top of your door will be affixed to the rolling trolley. The trolleys and the track have to be sized to carry your door's weight. If you have a big door that weighs more than standard doors, it means you will be going for bigger trolleys and track as well. This can be quite challenging if the structure above has a weak bearing capacity. In such case, you can go for a floor track.

A floor track will have rollers mostly. This track system is also ideal where the ceiling is inaccessible. In addition, it is best suited for low trafficked areas since the floor guide or track can easily collect debris.


There is a wide range of these pulls in terms of size and shape. The pulls you choose have to be comfortable and easy to use. Since the door has to fit within a limited thickness of the pocket, you are likely to find more of flush pulls that will not protrude from the face of your door's stile. You can choose circular pulls, rectangular pulls, surface mounted pulls, or even choose not to have the pull at all.

If you choose circular pulls, you need to be careful with the diameter of the pulls. If you have a large door and you go for a smaller diameter, you will be compromising the usability as well as comfort. Diameters will vary but you should stay toward the 5-centimetre range for anything that is more substantial than a cabinet door. Circular pulls will work efficiently with door slabs since the diameters will not overcrowd narrow door stiles.


A mortised set will always work well and offers you excellent ease of use. The look as well as the function of a mortised set is more pleasant. That is, the recessed parts of the edge that pulls away the door are moved to allow your hands easier access.

For further information, or replacement parts (such as door handles), contact a local outlet, such as The Lock and Handle.

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