The Easiest Ways to Save on Your Insurance

Is money tight? Do you want to reduce your spending? When it comes to cutting costs, cutting back on non-essentials may be your first thought. While forgoing unnecessary buys is a great way to save money, you may be able to save money on essential purchases too. Take insurance, for example. You need it, but it doesn't need to cost the world. By following these 4 simple tips, you can cut insurance costs dramatically. 

Shop Around

The easiest way to lower your premium is to shop around for the best deals. Even if your insurer was the cheapest option when you took out your policy, there might be cheaper options now. Check if your insurer is giving you any loyalty discounts, and then compare that to the price of a new policy. Sites like Compare the Market make finding the best insurance prices quick and easy. If you need multiple types of cover, such as car and home insurance, keep an extra eye out for extra "bulk buy" discounts.

Security & Safety

Insurers favour people who are less likely to be victims of theft. Lower risk for your insurer equals lower prices for you. By making simple changes to your security, you can make yourself a more desirable candidate for such discounts. Boost your home security by finding a good locksmith. Getting deadlocks and window locks fitted is a simple way to make break-ins less likely and get a lower price premium. Window bars, smoke alarms and security systems are all great additions, too. The same goes for your car—doing your best to prevent theft will work in your favour. Parking in a garage and having a car alarm or immobiliser fitted will give you the best insurance quotes.

Get the Numbers Right

You can save on your contents insurance by being realistic about the value of your home. In the unfortunate event of a burglary, what would you need to replace, and how much would it cost you to replace those items? If you stick to the essentials and stay reasonable about the replacement costs, you'll be able to get a cheaper quote.

Pay Yearly

Do you pay for your insurance monthly? In some cases, paying monthly can be more expensive than paying yearly. Again, insurers favour lower risk clients—if you pay monthly, there's a higher chance you'll default on your payments. Check with your insurance provider to see if you can get any discount for paying a year upfront.

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