Locksmith: 3 Winning Strategies To Boost Your Rental's Security Once You Move In

As a tenant, you have every right to be concerned about the security of your new home, especially as you don't have much experience with the surrounding neighbourhood. Despite your best research efforts regarding safety statistics in the area, you cannot always be absolutely sure. This guide is designed to equip you with winning strategies for boosting the security of your rental apartment by working with a qualified locksmith when you move in.

Fortify Your Front Door With Additional Locks

Even if your landlord has recently changed the locks in the home, it doesn't hurt to fortify your front and back door with new locks, whether you choose a deadbolt or a chain lock, or even both. Deadbolts are generally more difficult to break through than standard spring bolt locks because they only open when the lock cylinder rotates. On the other hand, a spring bolt lock can retract when force is applied to the bolt. Adding a chain lock provides an additional layer of security when you open the door, so you may want to get your locksmith to install these in your new rental apartment.

Reinforce Sliding Balcony Doors

Balcony or patio sliding doors are fantastic when you want a good view or natural sunlight, but they can be a safety hazard if not secure. While you take every step possible to fortify your front door, a rear balcony door gives the intruder easy access to your home. While locking your door is important, keep in mind that most of them are equipped with inadequate locks, which can easily be broken through. Apart from your main lock, you can get your locksmith to install another locking mechanism and an inside bar lock to reinforce security through your sliding balcony doors. If you're looking to save some money, take a chance and ask your landlord to make these additions to the balcony doors. If you're lucky, your landlord may oblige.

Get A Security System

If the rental doesn't have a security system, you may just want to get a security-system qualified locksmith to install one in your new apartment. A wireless security system is ideal for tenants because they can take it with them wherever they go next without any hassle. Most wireless systems are minimally intrusive and easy to set up, so the locksmith should be able to get it up and running in no time. Installing a security system is a good way to deter burglars from breaking into your home.

You may need permission from your landlords before getting your locksmith to install anything, but you shouldn't have difficulty securing their approval for your enhanced safety.

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