Keyless Remote Repair Tips

The advent in technology has seen the keys and locks evolve as well. Nowadays, you can have a simple remote device that acts as the key for your vehicle. This replaces the traditional key with a metallic end for starting the car as well as opening and closing the doors. These new remotes need careful maintenance to keep them in operation for a long time; however, they experience wear and tear just like any other devices. This calls for repairs, some of which you can do yourself and some which a mobile locksmith can help you with. Nevertheless, there are some repair tips you can acquaint yourself with to try out before finally calling in the services of a locksmith if the problem persists.

Identify the Problem

You should not rush to think that the keyless remote is the problem. Sometimes the lock could be responsible for problems in trying to open the car. In most cases, when you buy the car you get a spare remote. Try opening the car with it. If the door still does not open, it could mean that the switches and motors in the locks are worn out. If that's the situation, you can call a mobile locksmith to come and repair the lock.

Battery Replacement

Should you try a new remote and find the door opens, it means the first key may have a low battery. You can try changing the battery to see if this fixes the problem. Most keyless remotes can easily be opened using simple screwdrivers or just prying open the battery compartment. You should replace the battery with a new one of the same model. You should also take care to ensure that the new battery lies in the compartment in the same way as the old one.

Fixing the Buttons

Sometimes the buttons may contribute to the key not working properly at all times. For instance, when the buttons are loose, you may find yourself having to press them several times before the remote can respond. The buttons might have become disconnected from the circuit board. In this case, the compartment needs to be opened and the buttons placed properly on the board. This might require a soldiering iron and tweezers. However, to avoid damaging the whole device, it is advisable to call in a locksmith to fix this problem. They will know the amount of solder to use as large amounts could end up shorting out some of the connections in the small circuit board.

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