Tips for Window Security to Protect Your Home

You might think that many burglars gain entry into homes by picking a lock or breaking a window to get to a doorknob, but many, many break-ins are also caused by easy-to-open or unlocked windows that present little to no obstacle for a potential intruder. To combat this problem, follow the tips below to ensure your windows are not a simple access point to your home.

Understand the Types of Windows in Your Home

The most common types of windows in homes are double hung or sash frame windows. While both are stylish and practical, double hung windows can be easily slid open if left unlocked, while sash frame windows are generally made with thin glass sheets that are easily shattered.

Choosing the Lock

Before calling a locksmith, make sure to research a few different lock types and consider the best options for your home. For double-hung windows, a keyed turnbuckle is considered most secure because it prevents the opening or closing of a window without a special key. A locking pin is also an option that attaches over two sashes to prevent a burglar from lifting the window— similar to a sliding lock on a hotel door. However, certain manufacturers sell lightweight chains, so ensure yours is heavy duty if you decide to go this route.

For sash frame windows, it is widely agreed that a steel deadbolt installed at the top and bottom of the sash is most secure and the least likely to succumb to damage or wear and tear. This also allows for the user to open or close the window as far as they desire and lock it in place. Other locking mechanisms involve wedges or screws placed in the sash to prevent an intruder from sliding up on the window, but with enough force, these might be breakable, so deadbolts are always preferred.

Other Security Measures

Besides installing locks, you may be asking what other ways you can use to strengthen your window security. If so, consider investing in stronger panes that are more resistant to force and breakage. For example, tempered glass is far stronger than regular window glass and may deter a burglar from trying to break in.

You can also invest in a security alarm system with sound detectors that will signal the authorities and cause the alarm to go off if a window is broken or tampered with. Although expensive, these systems can prevent crime and give you peace of mind that your home is safe.

For more information about increasing your window security, contact local locksmiths or security companies. 

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