Automobile Transponder Keys Explained: FAQs

Transponder chip technology has been used in the manufacture of car keys for quite some time. The use of transponder keys is often touted as a fool-proof solution to the ever-increasing problem of automobile theft.

This article provides answers to three questions that modern vehicle owners often have about the use of transponder keys.

How Does the Use of a Transponder Key Help to Prevent Automobile Theft?

Transponder keys are designed with an electronic chip often located on the upper part of the key. The electronic chip is connected to the automobile's engine management system. Before the vehicle is ignited, its engine management system sends out a signal to the transponder chip in the key. The chip then sends back a corresponding signal to the engine management system before the engine starts running. The wrong transponder key will send back an erratic signal to the engine management system, thereby preventing ignition of the automobile.

In a large number of cases, car thieves are able to force their way into an automobile. However, with a transponder ignition system in place, this access is insignificant because the vehicle will not move.

Why are Transponder Keys Often More Expensive Than Their No-Chip Counterparts?

A large number of motorists are often discouraged by the relatively higher cost of acquiring transponder keys as compared to that of traditional car keys.

Among the justifications for the higher cost of transponder keys is the fact that the fabrication of these keys is a complex exercise. Transponder keys have to be programmed and coded scientifically so that they're compatible with the engine management system of the specific vehicle. This requires a great deal of skill and expertise. Similarly, the transponder chips used on these keys don't come cheap.  As such, the cost of materials used in the fabrication of transponder keys is often higher than the cost of fabricating chip-free automobile keys.

However, you should weigh the initial cost of the transponder key against the potential cost of car theft before you determine whether or not the extra cost is worth it.

Who is Qualified to Fix a Defective Transponder Key?

A broken transponder key can easily be fixed. A defective transponder chip on the key can be re-programmed, and new transponder chips can be made from scratch in the event that the vehicle owner loses the original key.

A professional automobile locksmith is one of the best options to trust with the job when looking to fix a defective transponder key.

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