Securing the Front Door to Prevent Break-Ins in Your Home

Investing in the security of your house takes more than just strong wood and hinges. Burglars targeting your front door can go to the extent of unscrewing it to get access to the house. Your front door is important for ensuring a safe and secure home. The following accessories will help you reinforce the security of your front door against break-ins:

Reinforced Bolts With Bars

Metallic bolts are fixed on the frame of your doors. A metallic bar covering the entire back of the door locks the door firmly at the bolts. The bars and the reinforced bolts secure the door over its whole width. It is ideal for securing against break-ins where burglars use brute force.

Door chains

The door chain comes in handy for stopping uninvited guests and strangers from accessing your house. You can confirm before letting the person into the house, as it allows you to open the door over a small arc. You can peep before letting the person enter directly. Do not worry about the aesthetics of your door because the chain can be customised to suit the interior of your house. For example, gold or silver coating can be used to change their looks depending on the painting inside the house.

Door Cylinders

Door cylinders come with various mechanisms for locking, which improves security. The cylinder enables a locksmith to unscrew and rekey the lock without having to change the bolt work of the door. Regardless of the manufacturer of the cylinder, you can use different cylinders with the same lock and key. Alternatively, you can also go for master keyed locks that enable you to use different lock types. Therefore, door cylinders make your lock system unpredictable, which reduces the risk of a break in significantly.

Door fitting

Burglars can identify your door as an easy target if the fitting has been done unprofessionally. For example, poor alignment between the door and the frame can expose the hinges and make it easy for burglars to unscrew the door and access the house. The fitting should be firm to ensure no exposure of the mortise locks and the hinges. Ensure that qualified professionals are in charge of fixing or repairing the front door.

Door Intercoms

They are talkback communication devices installed on your door allowing you to talk to the person outside before letting them in. Today, some intercoms are equipped with video installation such that you can see the person standing outside the door before you allow them to enter your house.

You may also want to consider investing in a security system for a more thorough approach. Contact a local security system specialist to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about their particular system and see if it's the right fit for your home.

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